Manual action mdn sent

Batch send causes a connection error and Report entity must have Final-Recipient and Orinal-Message-ID filled. Batch send causes a connection error and furthermore sending. manual-action / mdn-sent. From the logging and the MDN the message was intended to be sent.

Duplicated read receipts - Its Disposition header must be set to appropriate values (action mode, sending mode and type). Duplicated read receipts. "denied" or "failed" disposition type with "manual- action" and "MDN-sent-manually" or "MDN-sent-automatiy.

RFC 3798 Message Disposition Notification - Sending mode specifies if the Message Delivery Notification (MDN) was sent manually or automatiy. RFC 3798 on 'Message Disposition Notification. "deleted", "denied", or "failed" disposition type, with "manual- action" and "MDN-sent-manually" or.

RFC 3503 - Message Disposition Notification Action mode describes if it was manual or automatic action. Message Disposition Notification MDN. Message Disposition Notification MDN profile for. type with "manual- action" and "MDN-sent-manually" or "MDN.

Disposition Field - msdn. Type describes the action itself: Displayed, Deleted. Disposition Field. manual-action/MDN-sent-manually; displayed. Send us your feedback about the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SDK. Build June 2007.

Manual action mdn sent:

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